1. Father Gaetano’s Puppet Catechism by Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden

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    Batman by Mike Mignola. How can you possibly go wrong?

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    Dracula by Mike Mignola

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    Phoenix by Mike Mignola

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    Formal wear.

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    title:  HELLBOY: CONQUEROR WORM #1 - P6:5
    artist: MIKE MIGNOLA


  9. SDCC: Hellboy gets a new comic, coming in December


    After last year’s Hellboy: The Fury the big lug was sent to his death and this December we will see where he ended up in a new book, Hellboy in Hell. The title will be a four-issue miniseries and from the looks of the teaser image we will be seeing his adventures crawling through the underworld. Is he still dead? Or is he just living his life in Hell, working to get back to the surface? We will hopefully be finding out more information about the series this week at SDCC at Dark Horse’s panel.

    Either way we will be seeing a new Hellboy series hitting store shelves on December 5th. Look for it then.

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    Sassy Hellboy.